I've been working in mosaic since 1996. A hobby with a focus on home decor grew into an exploration of artistic self-expression. While self-taught in the early years, in 2006 I began traveling for study, both nationally and internationally. Having worked with many materials, both traditional and contemporary, I have an affinity for stone and traditional mosaic glass and gold.

My primary creative focus, at this time, is abstract portable wall art. Each new work feels like an exploration into new territory and carries with it a sense of adventure. Occasionally, I indulge in some decorative work.

I live a quiet yet full life in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with my husband of many happy years and our dog, Lucy. We have three amazing adult kids and two delightful grandchildren, all of whom I am fortunate enough to enjoy on a regular basis.

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Mosaic is the medium of my creating and I work to master it for its own sake. I strive to create work that can best be communicated through the language of mosaic—work that is uniquely mosaic and would not be as successful in any other medium.

I primarily work abstractly as I feel this allows me to more fully exploit the nature of both the medium and the materials. Through their unique characteristics of texture, color, and reflection, the materials are inspiration for my creativity as much as they are its vehicle.

While my execution techniques are grounded in traditional methods and tools, my work is contemporary and exploratory. It usually takes months for me to create a mosaic. I am aware of and open to the energies and conditions in the present moment as I create. In this way, I feel that each work is reflective of a time lived during its creation.