Trashlands: A Meditation on the Earth, Trash, and the Footprint of Artmaking (2012)

In the beginning, there is simply a need to create. The tactile pleasure of building—of working through the technical aspects of construction, of actually handling the materials—is something I enjoy immensely. Within this process, the intangible becomes tangible.

The materials that I work with are my main source of inspiration; they encourage me to express myself through their unique characteristics of texture, reflection, and color. 

There is something about the material, or a combination of materials, that opens a door to my interior space from which there is something to express, so I build a mosaic to express it. Through simple, uncluttered design, often minimal color palette, and the exercise of precision, I seek only to create works that make sense to me and that I find beautiful.

My work, as well as work experience, is most harmonious to me when I achieve a sense of order and unity from the chaos of all the constructional elements, and when I am in accord with seemingly rigid and unyielding base materials. May this harmony be reflected in my work.

Jacqueline Iskander, 2018