30 applications were received.

For the SAMA 2016 American Mosaic Summit, Jacqueline Iskander Mosaics awarded two recipients each a full conference registration and the workshop of their choice..

Additionally, each of the two recipients will receive approximately $600 to go toward conference expenses, thanks to Krystie Rose Millich's fundraising effort, http://www.gofundme.com/samaconfaddlcosts. Krystie will work directly with each recipient in the disbursement of the expense funds.

2016 MESI Recipients

Mindy Graber  "The conference, for me, has been an experience that has taken a bit to sort through and I have been taking time to digest it all. I would say the exposure to so many others that have the same addiction to putting small pieces together,..." Read More

Tracy Hodson  "I had never taken a mosaic class, instead learning on my own by looking at pictures on the Internet and then reverse engineering them, or reading up on various techniques. I learnt how to cut smalti by watching videos on YouTube; the same is true for mixing thinset. Until I got to the SAMA Summit in San Diego..."  Read More