Testimonials / Reviews


John Brandenburg, NewsOK, September 28, 2013:  Art exhibit review: Tulsa artist shows precision, balance in mosaic works in Norman show


Robin Milam, Administrative Director of The Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature (2013):

One of Ms Iskander's mosaics has hung in my office for over a decade. I resonate with the depth of its beauty as much  today as the day I received it. "Rainforest Hands" is a timeless mosaic set in a simple silver sculpted frame that evokes the mystic and wonder of our human connection with the rainforest and all that is. 


Debby Williams, Executive Director of [Artspace] at Untitled (2012): 

As an arts administrator, I have worked with many artists on a huge variety of projects, exhibitions, and commissions. Often the professionalism of the artist establishes the tenor of the whole project and I can say, without hesitation, that Jacqueline is one the best artists I have ever worked with. 

During the entire time that we were doing a major public art piece for Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College, Jacqueline was a pleasure to work with—always on schedule and budget, easy to communicate with, and willing to work as a team member. Her attention to detail (business and artistic) and ability to creatively solve issues that arose made her invaluable.  

Jacqueline is an incredible artist; her mosaics are luscious and elegant, plus she is the consummate professional. I look forward to the day when I have the opportunity to work with her again. 


Nancie Mills Pipgrass, Editor, Mosaic Art Now, August 2010:

Ms. Iskander’s work is noteworthy for impeccable technique, elegant simplicity and excellent color blending. Impromptu in Blue is no exception. In this work, Iskander has married some of the most traditional of mosaic materials — smalti, Moretti rod and unglazed ceramic — with contemporary framing clips.  


Bill Buckingham, Owner of Mosaic Rocks! and Founder and Editor, Mosaic Art Now, June 2009"

I love Jackie’s mosaics – every one of them – and am in awe of how she can use precision and control in a way that makes a strong impact in her art. This piece... [Impromptu in Green] is no different... [it] juxtaposes motion against a static background. The curved pieces running up the center are spring clips from framing hardware. 


Bill Buckingham, Owner, Mosaic Rocks!, Mosiac Rocks! Blog, August 2007: 

I greatly admire Jackie's sense of design and color. I particularly admire the precision in her cutting. You can easily tell from looking at her work that every piece in the mosaic, no matter how insignificant, is deliberately cut to fit exactly in its place. This type of precision and attention is what separates good mosaic artists from the great. And Jackie is one of the greats.