Impromptu features creative use of framing spring clips and other hardware, as well as color gradation. This is not a thematic series. Rather, each work evolves from an impromptu playing with the spring clips. For example, the arrangement of spring clips in Impromptu in Blue made me think of water lilies; thus, the choice of blue. Likewise, the arrangement in Impromptu in Green made me think of a stream in the woods; thus, the choice of green.

Music To My Eyes expresses particular characteristics of classical musical forms using shades of mosaic gold. With the exception of the first in the series, the works are inspired by a musical composition in the form. For example, in my most recent work in this series, Prelude, I wanted to play with expressing the lively nature in sections of a Rachmaninov prelude by punctuating (elevating) the brighter shades of orange gold. 

In The Woods expresses themes of wandering in forest or woods and features shale collected from the woods on our property. Juxtaposing the textures and shades of the shale with shimmering gold exploits the characteristics of each material. The theme of this series is inspired by my own youthful and carefree roaming in the Missouri woods.

Lines features works with a dominant linear expression and a textural surface quality. Materials are primarily stone, minerals, and semi-precious, in a rough, natural state and also in beads. Perhaps my most contemplative works, they tend to reflect more of my interior state — thoughts, feelings, and impressions — than any other group.

Layers This series is expressed in gentle, sloping, horizontal sections, inspired by the earth's layers.

Levels explores a plane-type dimensionality.

Non-Series I might spend time in one or more series at least once a year, but it is typical that a few years pass before I am ready to further a series' focus. I am more often exploring a new material, concept, and/or approach, which leads me to create a mosaic to carry-out such exploration.