Beginner's Mind #4, detail. 10" x 8" | 25 cm x 20 cm. Smalti, porcelain, mosaic gold, vitreous, other glass

I am in the process of formulating class and workshop ideas and would like your input.

My new studio in south Tulsa, OK, is finished and I am looking ahead to possible classes and workshops. The studio is roomy, light and airy, and well-equipped for facilitating a lot of mosaic creativity. I have a good inventory of tools and materials that will be at your disposal.

For a peek inside the studio, see my Final Photo Shoot. To see some inventory pics, check out this pre-decor slide show.

If you are interested in mosaic instruction in my studio, please share your thoughts via the survey below. Indicate your preference(s) by selecting Yes or No in as many areas as you have interest. Thank you!!

Name *
Beginning Mosaic
Learn the basics and create a small decorative or art mosaic, assigned by instructor with input from student.
Decorative Mosaic
Create a decorative frame, bottle, or other object of your choosing.
Themed Mosaic Class
A one day/evening a week class, extending over 4-6 weeks, focusing on a particular theme, material, or technique. For example, textural mosaic in a predetermined palette; or a focus on a particular material, such as smalti or stone.
Open Studio
Studio and instruction is open for student to choose their own project and work on it over a number of Saturday afternoons, for example. No rigid start and stop times, but rather a period of time in which you may show up and work on your mosaic.
Private Classes
You work with instructor to design the class that best fits your goal. One-on-one instruction.
Private Group Classes
You work with instructor to design a class for your selected group.
2 to 3-Day Class
A weekend class, for example, that runs Friday-Sunday, or Saturday-Sunday, for most of the day.
Do you have any other ideas not mentioned, that would make for an ideal class situation for you? Please feel free to share your thoughts.