A Difficult Parting

Over the years, I’ve sold a nice number of my mosaics and had a few very rewarding commissions. This degree of success is remarkable when considering the fact that I am generally terrible at promoting my work, to the point of being negligent. A generous dose of introversion augmented by some kind of insecurity inhibits my self-promotional ability.

I’ve pondered this lack of whatever-it-is for years and have sometimes concluded that I just don’t believe in myself/my work. I suppose that could be a factor. However, I really like my own creations. Sure, there have been a few flops, and those do not see the light of day under the internet spotlight. Otherwise, I make things that I enjoy and consider beautiful or meaningful—things that I want around me and that I enjoy seeing every day.

So, I believe in my work for myself, but the bridge to trying to convince anyone else that they should give my work a look—much less like it—is just a bridge too far. Sure, I’ll share new work on Facebook, and I have a website, but I can’t bring myself to actively promote my work. I’m envious of some of my fellow mosaic artists who have that whatever-it-is that keeps them sharing their work, new and old, on a regular if not daily basis. They deserve the exposure and income that result from such efforts.

Clearly, if I needed to be making a living, I would never survive by making art as I would probably crumble under the pressure of trying to promote myself. I am very fortunate to be able to explore making mosaics without the pressure of having to make money off them. Still, sharing my work and trying to sell it is important to me, if for no other reason than to pay for materials. I don’t think I’ve ever sold anything over my fine art site, but I have had some success with sales resulting from exhibitions, and I am so very grateful for that.

Storyteller (2018) 10" x 7" | 25cm x 18cm, without frame. Stones, marble, petrified shell, smalti, mosaic gold.

Finally, I get to the heart of what this post was about when I started it. Over the summer, I had a few pieces in the Traditions Kept & Broken exhibition in Bandon, OR, and I was so happy to have sold them all!

One, in particular, would never have been for sale except for the fact that I knew the person who wanted to purchase it. I don’t think I could have sold that piece to anyone else and it was a difficult parting for me.

Storyteller, at right, is that mosaic. You can read more about this piece here, which explains my difficulty in parting with it.

I find it such an honor when someone likes my work enough to want to have it in their home and spend their money on it, and I am very humbled by it.

Still, don’t you find that some works are difficult to part with?