From Asturias, With Love / by Jacqueline Iskander Mosaics

This is a sampling of some very special stone (and a few metal) specimens, very thoughtfully gathered by Luis Laso Casas, from the beautiful shore and landscape of Asturias, Spain. They arrived yesterday, in a large, sausage-shaped package, brilliantly wrapped so that as I unrolled the package, tape strips held the stones in place against bubble wraps. It took several delightful minutes to release all the specimens. The more I searched, the more treasures I found. It was as though they were being revealed to me as I slowly unrolled it.

The variety of stones is amazing! I've never been anywhere that I could have found so many different types of rocks in one geographical area. They are just beautiful, and they are calling me.

(Obviously, I owe Luis another book!)