Morning Light / by Jacqueline Iskander Mosaics

Self Portrait. 30" x 30" Marble, mosaic gold, smalti, crystal beads.

Self Portrait. 30" x 30" Marble, mosaic gold, smalti, crystal beads.

Dabbling, that's what I am doing. Sticking my toe in the mosaic water. Easing in. 

Are you the type to just jump in the pool, or the type to go in from the steps, acclimating slowing? When it comes to swimming pools, I'm the go-in-slowly-from-the-steps type. In my mosaic life, however, I have been more the jump-right-in type. That served me well in the early years. Now, however, after time away from the work, while simultaneously being invested in the interior analysis of relationship to work, I'm committed to a slower, more thoughtful discipline.

That discipline is aimed at keeping in check both a penchant for taking myself too seriously and an obsessive precision that crosses over into perfectionism and hurt hands, as well as being observant of anything else that leads me to lose sight of the value of my experience of creating.

Well, there's a lot going on there but I am optimistic that it's not quite as heavy a lift as I just made it sound. I'm actually feeling good about getting back to work and believe that I am up to the challenge of such discipline. 

As I dabble in this Sunday morning light, on an unfinished mosaic that I've committed to finishing, I just love the way the light, through a skylight in my new studio, is reflecting off the surface of the mosaic. As much as I love this perspective on the work, this beautiful light is also hampering my ability to work. 

It's good to have the light shine on a process for the perspective that it offers. But that does not mean that so much light is what the process always needs, does it? Well, I did anticipate the problem of the morning light coming through the skylights, which is why I have ordered solar shades which will be installed next week. This should help a lot for the short time that the sun requires to rise above my roof.