New Project: A Studio / by Jacqueline Iskander Mosaics

I am so excited that I can hardly stand it! We are moving ahead with our upstairs remodeling, which will include a new studio! Our walk-in attic area will be a small guest room/living area with bath and kitchenette. Adjacent to the attic area is the space above our 4-car garage, which is approximately 12' x 40' and will be my new studio. We will add a very larger dormer on one side, which will help to open up the otherwise long, narrow, cavernous sort of space and also serve as an office area.

There will be built-in shelving along at least one of the long, slanted walls, which - if we bring the wall in about a foot - will give me shelves up to about 5'. That's up to 35 feet or so of shelving. We can probably have shelving along the opposite wall too, on either side of the dormer. Maybe some cabinets on the short walls at either end. 

I've been thinking of the size and type of work tables that I could have in a space like that. 4' x 4' tables, on wheels would be nice - even nicer if they could be locked together to form an 8' x 4' work surface. I've calculated that two 8' x 4' tables wold easily fit, and possibly another 4' x 4'. They might need to be 3.5' wide, and not 4'; it's difficult to get a sense of how spacious it will be with the slanted ceiling. Although, along the long, east side, there will be skylights. 

At the far end of the studio will be french doors leading out to a deck, and a stairway giving access from the driveway. The deck will be on the north end and look out over the woods. 

The studio wing is just one of the three phases of the upstairs project, but it is the biggest one. We are also doing some work on a bathroom and in the game room. Currently, my studio is right off of the large game room, and we will be enlarging that space and closing it off to make theater room. Then, in the remainder of the game room we will be making some changes to enlarge the area to accommodate a pool table - another dream of mine, although not as fervent as the studio dream. 

We could be starting with the studio wing work as early as March. This will be fun, and miserable, and interesting, and fun, and miserable, and... fun!!! I'll post some photos as soon as things start happening.