Serious Sale!

These two books are on SERIOUS SALE! because they are not in perfect condition. This sale applies to orders being shipped within the U.S. only.

cookbook front cover final web.jpg

CREATIONS—$10, including shipping. The first batch of CREATIONS had a slight binding defect that affected the last few pages. So, we printed again and sent it to a different binder, who did a perfect job. You can see pics of the binding issue on the order page, and see a preview of the gorgeous book as well. CREATIONS Order Page

Edible Bits & Pleasing Pieces—$10, including shipping. I also have a some copies of Edible Bits & Pleasing Pieces. These were left over from a larger group that were for sale at a gallery, or are the remains of Amazon inventory. They are in fine shape except the covers show a bit of wear, and they may have an Amazon sticker or sticker residue on the back. I only have a few of these. You can also preview this book on the order page. Edible Bits & Pleasing Pieces Order Page