Six Mirrors / by Jacqueline Iskander Mosaics

Bronze, Gray, Silver Mirror. 29" x 37". Mirror and Van Gogh glass.

The sixth and better-be-last mirror frame that I will do for quite some time, this bronze, gray and silver one is really quite pretty. This photo, although better than I thought I would be able to get, does not do the mosaic frame justice, but I'm going to try to live with it for awhile before deciding to pack up all six mirrors and take them in for professional attention.

Since the outside light was fairly favorable when I took the above photo, I decided to work the other five. The results were mixed, but mostly more successful than the previous photos, so I will share them here.


Blue, Purple, Aqua 16" x 21" Mirror and Van Gogh glass.


Blue, Yellow, Turquoise 14" x 17.5" Mirror and Van Gogh glass.


Gray and Blue 18" x 16" Mirror and Van Gogh glass.


Red, Rose, Bronze 21" x 17" Mirror and Van Gogh glass. Exterior morning light.


Red, Rose, Bronze 21" x 17" Mirror and Van Gogh glass. Interior studio lighting.

Just look at the difference between the two above! My goodness! I think that the photo on the right is a little better in quality than the one on the left, which I took this morning. Not sure why I've had such trouble with this one. The one on the right is, of course, closer to what it looks like inside, which is where it is meant to hang. 


Copper, Orange, Gold Mirror. 24" x 28" Mirror and Van Gogh glass.


It feels very gratifying to have mosaicked these six mirror frames—four frames that I've had for years, and two old mirrors (the largest ones). It's a bit like purging while cleaning house, but I guess I did not really get rid of anything, I've just transformed them. And I do so love to transform things. 

Of course, I have Lucy to thank; were it not for her ACL surgery, I probably would have moved on to some art work. I'll trust that the time was just not right. But soon it will be! I plan to get back to an old art piece in the next week or so.