Sold! / by Jacqueline Iskander Mosaics

Etude (2007) 24" x 40" | 61 cm x 102 cm. Smalti, mosaic gold in blue, green, and turquoise, glass and faceted garnet beads.

What an amazing thing it is when somebody loves something that you have created enough to purchase it and make a place for it in their home. How very wonderful! 

I'm somewhat sentimentally attached to this work, as it marks a pivotal change in my relationship to mosaic-making, so it's a bit sad to say goodbye. It will be missed, but it's found a new home.

Etude, alternate view

Etude is the first in a series titled Music To My Eyes, which is inspired by classical music forms. This mosaic generally expresses the etude form, and was loosely inspired by Chopin's Harp Etude, Op. 25, No. 1.

Drinks are on me, y'all!