Studio Wing, WIP (cont.)

We are now at the end of the 4th week of construction. The studio and studio bath skylights went in on Friday, which was terribly exciting! When I came home from babysitting my two grand-loveys in the late afternoon, things had been cleaned up and looking pretty spiffy.

The next week will finish up the ceiling duct work—it somehow got missed when they were doing the floor work for the studio—and then insulation around the end of the week. Maybe the walls will start going up next week. It's been a busy couple of weeks for me, making tile and floor decisions, among other things. 

Here's where we are at the moment. Let's start with the deck!

This deck is much larger than I had originally envisioned—think balcony—but it kind of took on a life of its own under the influence of our architect. I don't care for the way it extends beyond the roofline, aesthetically speaking, but it's a lovely deck. 

We have jazzed up the deck with a nice lattice of 2' x 4's on the west side. On the east side, we extended the posts up and connected them, giving me a nice place for hanging flower baskets, chimes, and other pretties.

And now for the inside!

At the entry to the studio wing. I decided to move the doorway in further—pretty much straight ahead, instead of where I am standing. This will be an interesting area and I did not want doors swinging around in it.

This pic shows just to the right of the previous pic. There is a nice attic dormer between the two new closets. I'll have some great wall space here.

This is from the doorway into the living area. The kitchen is on the left.

The bath and kitchen have been framed, and you can see the skylight in the bathroom, just to the left.

Just before the entry to the studio. This was taken in the mid-late afternoon. I was so excited to see those skylights going in!

I'm standing at the sliding glass door on the north end of the studio, looking in. 

The transformation of this space is so remarkable! I'm now trying to prepare myself for the fact that it will look smaller once the drywall goes up. Not complaining! This whole project is fantastic and I am loving it—okay, mostly loving it! I'm excited everyday to see what is going to happen. 

That's it for now!