Update on CREATIONS / by Jacqueline Iskander Mosaics

I'm so excited to share this stunning book cover. The work featured is a table lamp by Brazilian artist Rosangela Kusma Gasparin, and it is titled Forgotten Glass. I feel like this mosaic expresses the creative, original, and explorative spirit that this book presents in its celebration of contemporary decorative mosaic. 

I'm still working on features for 5 of the 52 artists. Here is where it stands right now:

  • Artists from 20 countries
  • 104 mosaic works
  • About 200 photos 
  • Available late-winter 2018
  • Sold via J-MOSAIC or Amazon

In looking into shipping costs for outside the USA, I have found that Amazon can ship books internationally for much less than I can. So, I've decided to sell it through Amazon, as well as my storefront. It will cost a few dollars more, due to Amazon's fees, but the total cost of book plus shipping will be a good amount less expensive than if I were to ship it myself. 

All for now.!