Back To The Kitchen / by Jacqueline Iskander Mosaics

Bronze, Red, and Purple Bottle. 14" x 4.25" | 36 cm x 11 cm. Mirror and Van Gogh glass.

When I first started experimenting with mosaic, we lived in a different house and I had no dedicated area in which to work. So, I worked at the kitchen table, cutting tess inside a box to catch the shards, and cleaned everything up at the end of the day. I worked that way for about a year and—strangely—do not recall complaining about it. 

Of course, I am thrilled with my new studio!!! Absolutely, completely, in love with my new studio. But for the next few weeks, I will be spending some of my working hours back in the kitchen. 

You see, our dog Lucy had ACL surgery on her right hind leg this week. For anyone who has been through this, you know that the recovery requires a lot of babysitting and takes many weeks. This means that, not only must she avoid stairs, but she must be either constantly monitored or crated as well. 

This morning, I'm easing into a routine that will accommodate her recovery.

I can work in my studio for a few hours while she is in her crate, but I need to be downstairs for some hours as well so she can get out of her crate and basically lay around in a different location, under supervision, of course. 

This actually is quite doable while I am currently doing decorative pieces. I can cut my pieces upstairs and then move downstairs and glue. Trimming and shaping are mostly not required with this little deco technique of mine. Today, I am cleaning my latest bottle here in the kitchen. In the coming weeks, I will be taking care of those four frames. 

And guess what!?! She needs the same surgery on her left hind leg as well. Ugh! We're hoping that that left leg does not get too bad during her current recovery, while she is relying on it so much more.