Bottle #4 / by Jacqueline Iskander Mosaics

Bronze, Red, and Purple Bottle. 14" x 4.25" | 36 cm x 11 cm. Mirror and Van Gogh glass.

Here's the latest in my bottle binge, another one of those Italian pinot grigio bottles. I like this palette a lot. 

I am a bit bottled out for now, even though I have a few more. I'm going to switch gears and mosaic four frames that I have, which will probably become mirrors. 

I'll be working a good amount of time out my kitchen over the coming weeks, so that I can monitor our dog who is recovering from knee surgery. This decorative technique is much more portable than if I were working on an art piece, so I'll continue with decorative work into the summer.

These frames should go pretty quickly, and it will be nice to work flat again, before finishing up the bottles.

The first frame will be in this same palette, because I like it so darned much!