Decorative Detour / by Jacqueline Iskander Mosaics

Finally! Most of my new furniture for the studio wing is being delivered next week! A sofa, coffee table, chair and ottoman for the living area, and a chair and ottoman for my studio office area. I ordered these pieces Aug. 30 of 2016 from Joybird—I really love their furniture—but it has taken a bit too long. I'll have to wait a couple or a few more weeks for a 3-piece bookcase; one of the pieces is for the studio wing, the other two will serve as a room divider in our game room. 

Now that my decor is filling out, I got to thinking about smaller things, like pillows and throws and what to put on the coffee table? Books, of course—mosaic books! But I could use a couple of other things for various surfaces. Then I remembered the interesting dish?—not sure what to call it—above that I found over 15 years ago at an estate sale. It was not the colors that attracted me, but the interesting shape. I think this will work beautifully with my mid-century, retro-modern furniture.

At right are the swatches for the sofa, which is gray, and the chair and ottoman. So, I'm going to finally mosaic this ceramic dish with vitreous glass in black for the bottom and feet, that chartreusey-green metallic, that is actually fairly translucent, and maybe some copper gold for the top edge. I may add some black on the interior as well. Nothing fancy—just a makeover!