More Self Portrait / by Jacqueline Iskander Mosaics

(2016) Self Portrait 32" x 32" | 81 cm x 81 cm. Marble, mosaic gold, smalti, Swarovski crystals

Self Portrait is now framed and I have taken the best photos of it that I am capable of taking. It's very tricky to photograph well, at least for someone of my modest photography skill. The gold against all the black marble—well, I did my best. 

What's with the Self Portrait title, a few have asked. I'm not exactly sure. Something about the lines—I love line—and how it seems all straight and contained and organized and maybe boring from a distance. But, from closer up, you can see that the background is not really all one color, and there are specs of gold and color and sparkle here and there. And from different perspectives, you see something else—still lines, but more dimension. 

Is this the way I see myself or the way that I imagine other people see me? I'm not exactly sure about that either.