Smalti Jewelry w/Margo Anton / by Jacqueline Iskander Mosaics

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 7.50.44 AM.png

Being a fan of Margo's work, my interest was piqued when I saw on Facebook that Margo was doing an online class through I looked into it and was fascinated to see so many courses with so many talented mosaic artists. Never having attempted mosaic jewelry in any serious way, I decided to try it out and I enrolled in Margo's class.

I watched the entire course one morning and then purchased her kit from di Mosaico. I received the kit yesterday and on right is what it looks like. 

I chose the Medium Blue mix from the extensive mix options. The pendant blank is very shiny and pretty, although different than the kind that Margo uses. Not sure which I like better. 

I've got a bit of traveling coming up, so I probably won't get to this pendant until mid-August or so. At that time, I will be able to rewatch the course segments as needed. I'll be looking forward to this little project.