Studio Wing, WIP (cont.)

Here's the beginning of the construction!

Northwest corner of the garage. They have a good start on the deck. The stairs will start at the base of the closest post and lead up to the extended deck on the left. It's rather tricky to explain. On the east end—the furthest end—the deck is 8' wide; on the closer end, it is about 5' wide. It's a nice-sized deck.

North end of the garage. Here, I was up along that rock retaining wall on the left, shown in the neighboring photo, taking a pic of the north end of the garage. You can see that the new sliding glass door has been installed into the area above the garage. 

Middle of the upstairs hall, looking east. The corner walls of that 4th bedroom have been removed. The framing that is there is temporary. You can see, straight ahead, the doorway into the attic. To the left of the attic doorway, you can see a space that was the linen closet. And now you can also see the back stairway.

Attic entry, looking east. It's difficult to see what's what here, but we're looking into the new living space/guest room area of the studio wing. They have started to frame out some walls and new storage rooms. On the left is the the insulated stairwell. The window will be replaced with a double hung. 

Looking north, above the garage. Not much new here, other than the door at the north end. Initially, I wanted french doors. However, the more I thought about it, I decided that the sliding glass door would be more practical. 

The evening of this day's construction, I was able to walk through the area above the garage for the first time. The framers had put down boards across the beams. I walked through from the attic all the way to the new sliding glass door. I looked out over my new deck, into the trees. Then I turned around and faced into the area that will be my new studio. I realized—I felt— that this area was now a space. This area that we had peered down for 18 years, that seemed rather spooky and dark, that we could not enter for lack of a floor, was now a space. It's as though it had come alive!

Stay tuned...