Studio Wing, WIP (cont.)

A few more days of dust and loud noises. Yesterday, one of the framers accidentally stepped through a bathroom ceiling. He slipped off a beam up in the attic and punched his foot right through. Down came insulation and drywall, or whatever that puny kind of board is that was used for the ceiling. Stuff happens. 

Here's what I have to show today:

I stepped out onto the deck last evening to take this pic, facing west. Those posts will be for the railing. They waiting on some lumber so they can finish the deck. 

And this looks out onto the east end of the deck. My wide-angle lens distorts things a bit, but this end of the deck is approx. 8' x 7'. 

In this pic, I was standing at the end of the upstairs hall. On the very left, you can see some of the plastic that they put up over stairway entry. We're looking at the new entrance into the studio wing. The entry will be french doors. The framing that you see just inside the attic, almost in the middle, is what remains of the linen closet. Our alarm system is at the top of that wall. Until Advanced Alarms makes it out here on Thursday and moves the panel, that framing has to stay. That grayish, striped wall on the left of that framing, is the stairwell, minus the insulation. 

I'm in the attic space here, looking north-northwest. They have started framing out a new wall and storage area that will be just before the entrance into the studio. This will be studio storage. Because, of course, the studio area of 34' x 12' could not possibly be enough, right? I have so much stuff! Directly opposite this new wall, on the east side, will be the new kitchenette and bathroom. They have to raise the roof, literally, for the kitchen and bath. Can't wait to see that come about!

This photo was shot looking southwest, back toward the entry into the attic. That is a dormer window in the front of the house. I've got two new storage rooms, one on each side of the window, that have been framed out. These are intended for household storage, but I can't make any promises. Although we are losing our very large walk-in attic space for storage, we never used a lot of it. I'm not a hoarder. I'm the opposite of that. I have an aversion to clutter. Except for mosaic materials, I don't believe in keeping stuff. 

It keeps gettin' better...