Stabby, in progress / by Jacqueline Iskander Mosaics

   Stabby  Design  36" | 91 cm square. Unicorn: 24" | 60cm square.

Stabby Design 36" | 91 cm square. Unicorn: 24" | 60cm square.

Stabby Mockup 8" | 20cm square. Unicorn: 5" | 8cm square. Smalti.

Talk about fun!! I'm getting started on Stabby, a custom mosaic of a pixilated unicorn head. For some background on this project, see this blog post. At left, see the design and the mockup I made a few weeks ago.

I've prepared the 36" x 36" | 91cm x 91cm substrate, which is Wedi with a wood support frame on the back, and I've inked-in the squares of the 16x16 grid that define the unicorn. This morning, I started playing around with some patterns to fill the 170 or so 1.5" x 1.5" | 4cm x 4cm squares. 

The glass in the upper left and also the fourth square from the left in the row of six (in the above photo) is from a gorgeous Uroboros glass sheet called Black Granite Ripple. It's quite difficult to cut and I've got a bandaged finger to prove it—it got the better of me in five minutes' time. Totally worth it; it's luscious.

Although the mockup photo previously showed an eye, I ended up removing it, per Allison's request. 

I'm not sure how many different patterns I will come up with, but it certainly won't be 170; I'm thinking 10-20. I'll be repeating the patterns in a random fashion.

This mosaic will be a focal piece in my daughter's beautiful San Jose condo.