Stabby, in progress / by Jacqueline Iskander Mosaics

Stabby, in progress 36" x 36" | 91cm x 91cm. Smalti, art glass, vitreous, contorno, other glass

The above view is from from the left and slightly above, at the base of the neck. The photo below is looking straight on at the base of the unicorn's neck. See more info. on this mosaic here. 32 squares down; 138 to go!

Oh so fun! Allison is seeing my progress and asking for more and more texture!

Although I am really enjoying this, there are a couple of challenges. The black glass is very hard to see, especially against the charcoal thinset. And, it takes a lot of finessing to work with the different types of glass in achieving what I consider to be a desirable tessera height, especially with all the different textural effects going on.

Taking a break now for a few days, as I will be traveling tomorrow to Dallas for a workshop with Lynne Chinn at Julie Richey's studio.